It has been a long time since I started this blog with the intention of growing a community of visionaries interested in making a positive and lasting difference on this planet; and wanting to be a shining light of love, hope, and possibilities for others.

Thanks to the http://www.wellnesswindow.org and the lovely Ilana Davidson, I am back! If you want to challenge yourself for 30 days to share some kind of love and inspiration with others, and aren’t up to blogging yourself, please feel free to post your inspirational quotes, thoughts, insights, and love letters to life here. The mere act of having to say something of value each day will help you begin to look at life a little differently. And if you just want to read and enjoy… welcome as well!

We will train together as athletes training for the olympics… but the games we are playing and determined to win are the inner games and the victory will come each and every time we find a way to bring a little more love, compassion, inspiration, and hope to our world. I am going for the gold… how about you?

With love and respect,


About Elizabeth Browning

Elizabeth Browning is a filmmaker, actress, director, and one of New York City's most respected acting coaches. Her production company, Joy Light Productions, creates film and television designed to inspire. Elizabeth is also an Area Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, offering people from all walks of life an opportunity to become financially free while discovering a new path to health, beauty, and overall well-being.

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