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Twas The Day After Christmas….

Twas the day after Christmas and let it be said, When you eat lots of sugar you can’t move from your bed!

Oh the cookies, the candies, the gravy, the pies…. My mind says “Let’s Eat It!” My gut says “Unwise”.

As my stretch pants keep stretching, and my joints they do ache, My heart whispers softly “Better choices let’s make!”

A NEW YEAR FULL OF HEALTH, JOY, AND FUN I do crave, Time to breathe some fresh air and come out of the cave!

My mind needs to clear and my soul wants to sing. Feeling Good, Growing Strong, Living Healthy’s the thing!

So as 8 tiny reindeer all fly out of sight, Let’s embrace a bright future with every new bite!

What Happened When Dad Stepped In For Santa This Year

I am still laughing about this… and reminded that it is all magical, no matter how it turns out, when it’s done with love.