The Jersey Shore 6/19/21


This morning Ernie said “The difference between men and women is that men think things and keep their thoughts to themselves, women tell you every thought they are thinking while they are thinking them.” I said “Of course! What’s the point of having great ideas if you don’t share them with others!?!” Lucky Ernie Shaheen, he gets to hear my every thought for 3 months! πŸ˜‰ #IamLearningToListen. #captiveaudience #lovingthisadventure. #lifeontheroad

The Journey Begins June 18, 2021


First stop…our favorite place at the Jersey Shore, Sea Isle City, and hello to the Atlantic Ocean.

Now it is beginning to feel real!

#OurEpicFamilyRoadTrip #beyondexcited #wearereallydoingthis

Saying a prayer of Thanksgiving, and saying goodbye to our house for 3 months (after a 31-hour cleaning blitz for the renters to enjoy (-;)
Teddy has been on every important trip of my entire life…he was pink and fuzzy and waiting in the hospital room for me on the day I was born!
1st stop…Custard King! Ernie has to get his summer Gelati (water ice and custard ice cream)
Late night dinner at Mike’s on the dock at Sea Isle City. We made it!

The Journey (almost) Begins. June 17, 2021

Getting ready to leave and our newish smoke/carbon monoxide alarm goes off for real! What?!?! We called the fire department and told them no smoke and no explanation and they came out to check everything. I am so grateful for these guys. Yes, we are going out to get a new detector anyway and giving thanks that this happened before our renters arrived. πŸ₯΄πŸ‘πŸ™

#OurEpicFamilyRoadTrip. #thedramabeforewebegin. #nothingwillstopusnow. #thankgodforourfiremen


After 20 years of dreaming, waiting, and wondering if we would ever be able to take an entire summer and hit the open road together, we decided that “someday” was now and if it was ever going to happen, we had to take the leap of faith and really do it. The following posts document the life changing journey that we all took together this summer….

June 17, 2021

It seems hard to believe! Tomorrow we begin the trip I have waited 20 years to take! I am sooo excited!!!! 4 adults, 2 dogs, 1 camper for 3 months around the country! Here is a preview of our home on the road! ,πŸ’ž
Special Shout-Out to the people renting our home and to George, the camper angel, who helped make this possible!

Twas The Day After Christmas….

Twas the day after Christmas and let it be said, When you eat lots of sugar you can’t move from your bed!

Oh the cookies, the candies, the gravy, the pies…. My mind says “Let’s Eat It!” My gut says “Unwise”.

As my stretch pants keep stretching, and my joints they do ache, My heart whispers softly “Better choices let’s make!”

A NEW YEAR FULL OF HEALTH, JOY, AND FUN I do crave, Time to breathe some fresh air and come out of the cave!

My mind needs to clear and my soul wants to sing. Feeling Good, Growing Strong, Living Healthy’s the thing!

So as 8 tiny reindeer all fly out of sight, Let’s embrace a bright future with every new bite!

What Happened When Dad Stepped In For Santa This Year

I am still laughing about this… and reminded that it is all magical, no matter how it turns out, when it’s done with love.

Are You Allowed To Be Happy When Others Aren’t?

Somewhere long ago I was told, perhaps not in words but by a much deeper means of communication from those who held all the power in life, that I could not fully shine, celebrate, or be all that I knew I could be if people around me were suffering. The instant question that was installed and always arises when I am about to leap into joy, or love, or something wonderful is “Will this make someone else feel bad?” After all, they may not have my talent, my relationships, my resources, or the gifts I have been given in life. If I let my light shine and share all that is good in life…. will it add to other’s depression and despair? And thus I became a shadow artist. Stepping out on special occasions to create something that delighted me, then quickly disappearing back into the shadows so as not to seem too full of myself, too good at anything, too happy or satisfied or proud, or toooooooo……you get the picture. The crazy thing is that my holding back never seemed to help relieve others’ suffering. It only added to my own. That is one of the false narratives and lies that we grow up with that I believe robs us all of finding out what’s possible. So we find ways to express ourselves through others. “I am here to help you. I have an idea for you. I have something that can help set you free.” And sometimes we do make things better, and at other times we are unable to make a dent, and then we get angry that others are not taking the necessary steps or living the life we want them to live so that we can be happy. It is so messed up! Be clear, helping others IS a source of great joy and fulfillment and how things get better, just not “helping” in the place of living your life fully and with as much love and joy as possible on a daily basis.

Today I am contemplating laying down my life as I have known it for a while, (it’s just an exercise, don’t worry), and going inward. What if I let God handle all the finances for a while and supply all of our needs? What if I lovingly bless and let go of all the people I think I have to save just for now? What if I become like a child again in the midst of all the chaos, and begin to play, create, imagine, and celebrate the life I have been given here? What if I make an apple pie, spend time listening to Dakota our horse, Riley our dog, and Max our cat, sing songs around a fire pit, clean and decorate my home, dance with abandon, paint, write, read, take long walks in nature, make trips to the ocean, take pictures of life, laugh a lot every day, do QiGong for healing, make love and lay in bed talking for hours, hear other people’s stories, tell stories of my own, ride bikes, take hikes, have picnics, celebrate being alive, and focus on all that makes me happy? What if I try something completely new? There are times to go into the cave and sit around the fire and rest, eat, reflect, and renew. This feels like one of those times. Time to try something new. Go gently with yourself right now. Joy is within your reach, just stretch a little to touch it.

How To Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough

I wrote in my last entry about leaving the prison cell of dysfunctional family dynamics, self doubt, and false beliefs, and beginning my journey to freedom. Dysfunctional family dynamics can show up in a single family, a community, a state, and an entire country at times. With only weeks away from one of the most volatile decisions our national family will be making in my lifetime; and with tempers flaring, energies spinning out of control, lies being announced as truths and more, I find myself shuffling down the dark hallway having left the cell itself, but wondering how to get the heck out of this place to real freedom.

I am trying to drown out the many voices competing for my attention right now, and I am going inward to listen to God and to my own true voice. In my search, I found a training online that was useful that I wanted to paraphrase and share from Kevin Daum for (

5 steps to keep going when the going gets tough (thank you Kevin)

  1. Strip Away The Excess. When it all feels overwhelming, write down everything you have on your plate (to do lists, tasks, people to deal with, issues to solve, anything that makes you feel overwhelmed), and then delegate to others, postpone, or just remove things from your plate until there are only a few truly important items you can put all of your attention on. By focusing and accomplishing a single task that matters, it can restore your own personal sense of power.
  2. Jump Into Something New. Look for new ideas, a new approach to something, a whole new venture, new friend, or a new group. By refreshing and pivoting just a little, you can bring fresh air and fresh thinking into a place that feels stuck and unproductive.
  3. Fast Forward The Negative Movie Reel In Your Head. I particularly love this one, being a filmmaker, because you can fast forward the movie called your life to a happy ending that is up to you to create. When we are in a bad place, the mind will tell you that this is all there is and will ever be, but that is a lie. It is seriously like pausing the film and just staring at a dismal scene that you find upsetting. Instead, imagine a wonderful outcome and remember that whatever you are going through, this too shall pass and you never know what lies just around the corner. Focus on what great things you want to create when you get through this particular storm.
  4. Find The Lesson. Kevin Daum says “Setbacks and Transitions are lessons to help you move forward to something greater.” If you read any of the great leaders’ biographies, there are countless stories of dismal failures that led to some of their greatest insights and personal breakthroughs. Say to yourself at any given moment “This could be my greatest lesson and opportunity of my life right now…. what can I learn from this and how can I allow this to change me for the better?”
  5. Focus On Health And Opportunity. We don’t realize it, but any real change or transition that we go through can also be a source of trauma. We are creatures of habit and when our routines get shaken up, sometimes our systems go into tilt. We are all going through tremendous change while dealing with the pandemic, the elections, our jobs, relationships, even daily activities. Now more than ever we need to attend to extreme self care, health practices because we matter and are of value, and the discovery of the opportunities that lie in every challenge. If anyone wants some special guidance in terms of health and new opportunities, please message me as I have some suggestions and ideas that might help.

So, my friends, we continue to hold hands and shuffle down the dark corridor together in search of the big doors that lead to freedom. We’ve got each other, we’ve got some amazing tools and templates, and we have bright faith in better days ahead.

Blessings to all and much love,