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Funny Love August 1, 2021

MY HUSBAND MAKING ME LAUGH and my beautiful view lying outside on an air mattress in the shade after our Hipcamping host’s electricity at the top of this mountain went out, and he left yesterday for the weekend. We used our own generator till it shut down at half a tank of gas. We are packing up to go back to civilization. Ernie said he was going to send me back to St.Louis like they did with the old wagon trains heading west. “Send the weak back to St. Louis”







Huntington Beach CA August 1, 2021

I am calling today a Joyous God Stop.

Today was a little piece of heaven. It was as if God said “Okay you guys, time to stop moving forward, rest, play, and just enjoy. You can’t move on to the next thing until you take some time to relax.” We enjoyed a beautiful morning in our private mountain top retreat, and then our host told us about a special Dog Beach at Huntington Beach, CA. OMG! Our pups were in heaven! It is a huge, clean, beautiful beach where Great Danes play with tiny weiner dogs and they all run free. I have never seen my dogs play like this, or seen so many dogs playing free together. Skylar and Riley jumped in the waves, chased balls, and made a lot of new friends. It was like a giant dog beach party! Elijah was thrilled to finally go swimming in the Pacific Ocean. From the Atlantic to the Pacific,! This day was magical indeed.





Things look Better at the Top of a Mountain July 31, 2021

A Harrowing Drive to a MAGNIFICENT GETAWAY!

After sitting in a truck stop crying today because I couldn’t find any place for us to camp this weekend (and for other reasons that now seem silly), I found a place on HipCamping located on a mountain top in the Angeles Forest. We arrived just before sunset and drove up this extremely narrow, winding, bumpy gravel road. Mountain on one side, cliff’s edge on the other. Halfway up, a lady came driving down, but there was no place for her to pass. She just sat there, face to face with our big camper. Ernie then had to slowly back our 31 foot camper backward down this steep, narrow road with me in the van backing down behind him, praying and thinking I’d made the biggest mistake ever. Thank God for our new transmission! Thank God for Ernie’s ability to maneuver that thing. Thank God for brakes! With my heart in my throat, we ultimately made it to a place where she could get by and we then continued on. At the top of the mountain, this scary little road opened onto one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. It was breathtaking. We watched the sunset over the mountains and lights of the city come on, and we have the whole place to ourselves tonight. I am sitting in the cool evening breeze as I write this, wondering at life. The flash flood my phone announced today as we drove out of Las Vegas never happened. The tragedy I imagined happening on the mountainside didn’t come to pass. So many things I fear and brace against on a daily basis never actually happen. And sometimes, on the other side of my fear, there is true beauty and wonder. Ah…smile and exhale.






Beginners Luck? July 30, 2021


One night in Vegas. Elijah wanted to make a video playing his first $1 slot machine to demonstrate the insanity of losing money by gambling. He pulled the lever and won $42. Time to go!!!





Dogs in Vegas July 29, 2021

We Got Out!!!

Camper was fixed first thing this AM. Quick stop by the dog park to play with Shane, the giant husky and his little sister (that Skylar LOVED), then on to the Las Vegas RV Resort. It’s only 109 degrees here at 6 PM. Waiting for the sun to go down and then we’ll go into the strip for the kids to see some of the nightlife in the indoor cities. Will we be posting photos? Hmmm, I don’t know…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, don’t ya know


Narrowly Avoiding Tragedy July 29, 2021

UNBELIEVABLE…but true. 😩 After a week of repair, we picked up our camper with our newly rebuilt transmission and all thumbs up. We joyfully started out toward L.A., winding through breathtaking canyons and entering the desert, when 30 minutes out of town we stopped for gas and heard what sounded like a sudden flat tire on the camper. Ernie got out to discover the bracket that holds the drive shaft (connected to our newly rebuilt transmission) in place had come off, and the entire structure was hanging loose and dangerously close to the ground. We called the repair shop and they told us not to move it lest it cause severe damage. They sent out a tow truck, and hours later towed it BACK TO ST. GEORGE for further repair!


We were as frustrated as you might imagine. We are back in St. George, again, and this feels like an episode out of the twilight zone.

As upsetting as all of this was…we are PROFOUNDLY grateful that the bottom didn’t drop out while Ernie was driving down the highway in that steep canyon at 65 miles an hour. I thank God it happened at the gas station. We are safe. We are together. We love each other. That is all that really matters in the end. We are weary, but in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “…I’ll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day”







Don’t Tell Elijah July 27, 2021

Shhhh… Don’t tell Elijah we have all started using his Arbonne 3 in 1 wash for men. It smells great, makes our skin and hair soft, and it is just so darn easy when traveling. Thank goodness I sell this stuff, as I am now obsessed.





When it Rains it Pours July 25, 2021

“Let”s go have an adventure” is what I always say as we leave for a new place or experience. Today, WE HAD AN ADVENTURE!!!I (But first…THANK YOU for your prayers and thank God for my new antibiotic, as I had my first pain free, good night’s sleep in days! THANK YOU!)

THE ADVENTURE: We drove to Sedona for brunch at the fabulous Mesa Grill, then took our pups to the most gorgeous dog park I’ve ever seen. While Ernie and Eli went into a short food coma at the dog park,Tatiana and I hiked the trail around the dog park. Afterward we checked the weather and saw that the next big storm system was delayed, so we decided to hike up to Cathedral Rock to one of the main vortex’s in Sedona. It was an incredible experience and the kids made it to the top. (Ernie and I stopped at the point where our pups could no longer safely continue.) Then… the sky got dark and it began to rain ahead of the weather schedule. Really rain. This guy coming down told us someone had gotten stranded up there yesterday and was rescued by helicopter at 9 PM and that we should all go down. I didn’t realize how slippery the rocks get when wet…so I went down mostly on my bottom, screaming at the top of my lungs for the kids to come down. All these other parents with little kids had these reassuring voices saying “oh, it’s just a little water, you’re doing a great job, isn’t this fun?” while I am screaming bloody murder “Eli! Tatiana!!! GET DOWN NOW…WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE…A BIG STORM IS COMING!!!” I am sure the other folks wished the crazy woman scooting down on her bottom and scaring all the little kids would keep quiet. 😳Anyway, we all made it down safely and back to Williams, and I am very grateful. My sweet Arizona friend, April, told me that when they issue storm warnings or any kind of warning in Arizona, take it seriously. She is so right! It was a beautiful and thrilling day though, and I am grateful.






“Roughing It” July 22, 2021

Good things come to those who wait out the storm!

We made it, and we are actually doing it! Tent camping at The Grand Canyon! The ranger said there were 2 storms that circled out around us today, but we stayed dry. 💞🙏💞 Ernie says his boy scout master would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the giant air mattresses I insisted on bringing. I say, just because we’re sleeping in tents doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be comfortable. Yes, the princess is “roughing it” tonight. (-;





Pups in Boots July 19, 2021

Riley and Skylar went shopping!

Today the girls went to The Desert Rat (sporting goods), Ace Hardware, and PetSmart with a short stop at the Dog Town dog park in St. George, as we prepared to drop the camper off in the morning and become bonafide family tent campers beginning tomorrow night. So excited to share that we have a tent site reserved for 3 nights at Mather Campground at the south rim of THE GRAND CANYON!!! From the stuff we bought today, you’d think we are camping in the Himalayas for 3 months.