Archive | February 2023


On this day designed for love, romance, and connection (if Valentine’s Day were all it could be), I wrote a love letter to God.

I don’t know what to say today. I feel like I need to not speak. Not think. Not discuss, plan, or contemplate. I feel like leaning back into Your loving arms and residing with You in the eye of the storm. Swirling activity all around me. My son’s journey, Chat GPT (the newest Artificial Intelligence), the new project I am embarking on, my clients, my time relapse yesterday, and most likely my money relapse that is still to come today. The din of voices, noise, personal dramas, and the clanging cymbals of anxiety demanding my attention. A world I no longer recognize.

And in the chaos of it all, leaning back into You. Today is like sitting together in the shade at the edge of the playground, watching all the activity…the fights that break out, the games in progress, the fun, the scraped knees, the timeouts…and then turning away, taking a walk alone together into a beautiful, multi-colored field of flowers. Sitting on the ground and leaning back into You, God, and seeing the sky. Really seeing the sky. There is so much more than we know. Maybe all of this is Artificial Intelligence- people scrambling, gathering bits and pieces of data, rearranging them, then giving them some kind of meaning. And beyond it all, here, alone with You, in quiet and peace- there is LOVE. There is TRUST. There is vibrant, multi-colored life. There is US. I love this field of flowers.