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How do you truly love someone, when the someone to love is you?

I read something really interesting today from John Assaraf:
“Remember that your self worth determines your net worth”

I got to thinking about that…. what is my true sense of self worth…. not what the world says about me, but what I secretly say to myself about me? What is that dialogue with myself based on? How do I change the inner dialogue it if it isn’t as “rich” as I’d like it to be?
Am I kind to myself?
Am I gentle and patient with myself?
Do I pay attention to what I need in terms of my wellbeing?
Do I give to myself what I give to those I care for the most?
What would it look like to fall in love with me?

When I feed myself whole, clean, nourishing food… that’s a beginning.
When I give myself enough sleep rather than drive myself into the ground with work, responsibilities, pressure… that feels pretty yummy.
When I remember that all the problems of the world are not personally my responsibility to handle in a given day… that is really nice!
When I stop to look and see that life holds a much bigger and more beautiful picture than I usually focus on, and that a precious moment of laughter with someone I treasure, or a simple act of kindness makes me feel deeply happy… that’s good.
When I breathe… stop and take in 3 beautiful breaths and give thanks for anything… my ability to taste, see, touch, move… I begin to wake up to me.

I find it interesting that when “an expert in the law” asked Jesus what the greatest commandment of the law was, he answered that there were two… love God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and to love your neighbor as YOURSELF” Maybe that is where a lot of the problem lies… that final piece of the puzzle… LOVE YOURSELF Hmmmmm….


With so much love and respect for you!
Elizabeth Browning