Growing Relationships Everyday July 11, 2021


Amidst all the travel, sightseeing, adventure, and dreams come true this summer, I want to take a moment to give thanks for a life partner and friend who is willing to weather the storms, have the tough conversations, breathe, pray, and try again. Our pictures and celebrations don’t capture the inner work that is also happening when 4 very different people, each with good hearts, unique personalities, and varied ways of doing things spend an intimate summer away together. I am growing. I am learning that my way isn’t always the best way, and that love is expressed in surprising little moments that are often missed if you aren’t looking for it. Almost 45 years together and we are still a work in progress!








About Elizabeth Browning

Elizabeth Browning is a filmmaker, actress, director, and one of New York City's most respected acting coaches. Her production company, Joy Light Productions, creates film and television designed to inspire. Elizabeth is also an Area Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, offering people from all walks of life an opportunity to become financially free while discovering a new path to health, beauty, and overall well-being.

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