Apricots and Petroglyphs July 13, 2021

Petroglyphs and Living In Denial!

After arriving safely to our campground with our camper’s failing transmission (Thank You God), we decided to rest, go to see the petroglyphs drawn on the canyon walls thousands of years ago, pick apricots in the canyon, and eat out on a beautiful patio today. Tomorrow we have an appointment to see a mechanic and find out what is happening. Tatiana says our camper is screaming at us to let her go, but we aren’t listening. I know I am growing because a few years ago I would have been freaking out, and today I enjoyed myself and trusted that it would all work together for good somehow. That is progress.


About Elizabeth Browning

Elizabeth Browning is a filmmaker, actress, director, and one of New York City's most respected acting coaches. Her production company, Joy Light Productions, creates film and television designed to inspire. Elizabeth is also an Area Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, offering people from all walks of life an opportunity to become financially free while discovering a new path to health, beauty, and overall well-being.

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